What can I do for you?

People aren’t stupid. When you get your copy wrong, they know.

They don’t engage, they don’t read more and they don’t take action. So long, dear customer.

My words are different. Full of personality. Triggering emotions. Making people do what you want.


Website copy

Transforming web page and banner tone of voice to wow your customers and build trust.

Product descriptions

Making even the dullest things you sell sound sexy as hell, by leading with the benefits.


Writing unignorable subject lines and deliciously crafted e-copy. Open-rates will rocket.

App copy

Guiding people through your app effortlessly, with clean and simple instructions.

Social media

Capturing attention with short and sweet posts and adverts across your social channels.

Video & radio scripts

Captivating your target market via corporate videos, TV adverts and radio spots.


Direct mail

Standing out head and shoulders above the other crap your customers get in the post.

Press adverts

Stopping people when they're flicking through newspapers, magazines or trade titles.

Posters & leaflets

Drawing a smile with cleverly crafted copy that snapshots your campaign or brand.

Catalogues & brochures

Presenting everything you sell and do in a way that compels people to take action.

Point of Sale material

Giving those little till wobblers even more chance of seizing your customers’ attention.

Newsletters & magazines

Keeping staff and customers interested in what you’re doing and keen to engage.


Business names

Thinking up a unique name for your new venture that’ll strike a chord with everyone.

Product names

Helping you launch a new product to market with an inspiring name people love.

Slogans & taglines

Summing up the essence of your brand or campaign in just three or four words.

Tone of voice

Shaping the way your brand speaks to your staff and customers. Consistency is key.

Brand guidelines

Putting together your brand bible to outline and protect your history, vision and values.

Campaign concepts

Devising new, exciting and creative ways to advertise your products and services.