Why “solutions” is the worst word in marketing

If you asked what I did for a living and I replied: “I provide copywriting solutions”, would you say: “Oooh that sounds interesting, please tell me more”?

No, you wouldn’t. You’d think it was a bit dull and that I don’t quite know what I actually do. And you’d be right. Because solutions is a nothing word. It’s business bullshit.

By definition it’s a means of solving a problem or dealing with a tough situation. But problem solving is what every organisation does, isn’t it?

So why not say what you really do before promising you have the solution?

Me? “I write the words that persuade people to buy stuff.” Short, sweet and to the point.

People have no time for vague. They want specifics. They want to know exactly what you do in a millisecond. Talk about solutions later.

In a local Google Maps search of the word, I found businesses that said…

  • We provide financial solutions tailored to suit each individual client’s needs
  • We are a leading provider of unique scaffolding solutions
  • We supply and install renewable energy solutions

Do any of these sound catchy, or ground-breaking, or inviting to you?

Nope. They sound like a man in a suit wrote them because they sound professional.

No telling what they really do.

No thought for sounding appealing to customers.

And no regard for uniqueness in a world where so many businesses sell and do increasingly similar things.

“Nah, just stick the word solutions on the end and job done.”

To me, it’s a dirty word, and one I always strive to avoid. Even if clients ask for it, I’ll present a case why it’s simply a waste.

So if in doubt, leave it out. At the very least you’ll save nine characters from your signs.

4 thoughts on “Why “solutions” is the worst word in marketing

  1. I never knew about this.
    Just like word stuff, solutions too sounds vague if I now think about it.

    And this is making me feel bad because three months back, I penned a web copy for my SaaS client there I used “solutions” word .

  2. So glad you pointed this out and now I see “solutions” everywhere. Would love to know a couple of examples of how you would rewrite.

  3. Now there is one problem. When I am writing for a tech company, this is one word that has all the SEO ticks. And that is why, to avert the mounting pressure on your back for better reach, I give in.

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